Steven Cox for Portland
City Commissioner
Position 2


I moved to Portland a little over twenty years ago and immediately fell in love with the city…my city. I enjoyed Portland’s natural beauty, brick paved downtown sidewalks, and the vibrant culture that made Portland unique.

Now I find my city in a sad state of disrepair. Cat Stevens famously asked, “Where do the children play?” Certainly not in our parks as we have ceded both our parks and our city streets to the homeless. Our streets are littered with garbage and human waste. Our businesses have boarded up their windows. Parts of our beloved city look like a war zone.

The city’s current policies, regarding homelessness and public safety, are clearly failing. If there is a problem with police abuse, the answer is better training, support, and oversight; not defunding. If we have a homeless problem the answer is homeless shelters; not tent villages. The definition of insanity is to repeat mistakes and expect different results.

Many cities around the world have confronted and overcome these problems. Why continue to waste money reinventing the wheel? Rather let us identify and implement those policies and programs that have proven effective, discarding those that have failed.

Our priorities are as clear as they are vital. Let’s fight for the soul of our city. Let’s shelter the homeless so that we can reclaim our parks and sidewalks. Let’s make it clear to the world that Portland has reclaimed it’s rightful place as the city of roses. With your vote, we can.

Vote Steven Cox for Portland City Commissioner — Position 2